Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Siebel Workflow Process an Introduction

Siebel Workflow is a software tools that lets us automate business processes with help of workflow processes. Some characterises of workflow processes are

  • They are created, edited and deployed in Siebel Tools.
  • Their changes in workflows is SRF independent though they are created and deployed in Siebel Tools IDE.
  • They are administered through Administration - Business Process Screen in Siebel Client.

Siebel Tools provides the design interface of Siebel Business Process Designer. The Mobile Web Client (the run-time client) provides the debugging interface of Siebel Business Process Designer. After workflow processes are designed and debugged, they are written to repository tables for deployment from the administrative interface in the run-time client.

Workflows can be accessed through Object Explorer in Siebel Tools as shownWorkflows can be in 3 types of status

  • In Progress: When you create a new process this is the default state. In this state you can edit and make changes the workflow process.
  • Completed: Workflow process goes into this status after we deploy the workflow
  • Not in Use: Status after we expire the workflow.

There are 3 buttons available to use to change the status of the workflow as shown in below

  • Deploy: Deploy the workflow and change the status to Completed
  • Expire: Expires the workflow and change the status to Not In Use
  • Revise: Creates a copy of the workflow with status of the New workflow as In Progress.

There are various types of workflow processes available

  • 7.0 Flow: This type is to provide backward compatibility with existing Siebel 7.0
  • Long Running Workflows: Workflows that can last for hours, days or months
  • Interactive Flow: Workflow that takes user across Siebel views.
  • Service Flow: Executes a set of operations upon even invocation. This is the most common type of workflow process we created.

In next posts about workflows we will create a simple workflow process to understand it better.

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