Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Siebel CRM - Workflow Debugging through Logs

When we talk about Siebel, I think Workflows are the most common term that we come across after Object Manager. We can achive really complex functionality through worklfows but what it means is that debugging them is equally complex. We generally test workflows through Simulation but if we were debug workflows in real time it can be quite painful and time consuming. A simple method to debug workflow is to increase the log level for Workflow Process Manager (WPM) component. But if somebody has ever tried that he can vouch that it can be quite a headache to go through that log (believe me it is a lot and it can go up in MB’s even if the workflow is of moderate complexity). And what’s more is that most of the information that is contained in that log is useless and not realted to workflow functionality. So here in this article I am going to present a pretty simple technique which can help you to get just the right amount of information that you need to debug a workflow.
Instead of increasing the log level of complete WPM component if you just increase the log level of just selective sub-components that should do the trick. I will list down the Sub-Components that you need to increase the log level to get just the appropirate information that you need.
  • Workflow Definition Loading
  • Workflow Engine Invoked
  • Workflow Process Execution
  • Workflow Step Execution
  • SQL Tracing
Just increase the log level of the above said components from 1 to 4 and you are done !!!!!
To get logs from dedicated client you need set the Environmental Variable on your system. To understand the process of doing that Please go through my old post where I have explained about siebel logs.

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